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Adams Apples Season 2
ADAMS APPLES embarks on another eventful journey with the feisty Adams girls and their equally vivacious counterparts. Beginning on the bright note of forgiveness, renewed vows, great business and honey mooning in London; an unexpected kidnapping and a ransom note for ten million Cedis throws the family into instant chaos and starts them on what will become the most ferocious chapters of their lives yet.

Peep Season 2
Season 2 follows the adventures of the founders of Peep Online, a trio with an aggressive approach to unearthing every truth, including the biggest scandal of the decade. The ambitious team will go to any lengths to get the news first, making Peep the new sensation of the fourth estate—as well as the target of vengeful victims. The exciting stories and dangerous antics form an innovative drama that will leave you wanting more.

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